Mexican Helicopter Crash Kills 13 After Quake

A military helicopter has crashed in southern Mexico, killing 13 and injuring 15. The helicopter was carrying officials travelling to asses damage after the recent 7.2 magnitude earthquake in the country.
All of those hurt or killed were civilians on the ground, according to the Oaxaca state prosecutor’s office; of those killed, 5 were women, four were men, and three were children. All had been sleeping in a field overnight to avoid the dangers that aftershocks could cause to man made structures.
The Blackhawk helicopter was attempting to land in an empty area in the city of Jamiltepec when it suffered a mishap, of which the cause is currently unknown, causing it to crash.
All of the crew and officials survived the crash, albeit with minor injuries. All of those killed were on the ground, presumably having been caught up under the craft after it crash-landed.

Featured Image Credits: AFP

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