Rape and Murder of Minor Causes Outrage in India

The rape and murder of an 8-year-old girl in Srinagar, India has sparked outrage across the Indian community. The child, whose family are farmers in Indian Kashmir, was brutally raped in January near the Himalayan foothills. Her body was later found mutilated near a forest in Srinagar a number of weeks later.

The incident has caused a mass uproar among the various communities due to the religious background of both the victim and the culprits. The six men involved in the incident were arrested soon after, however; many Hindu nationalist groups have demonstrated and demanded the release of the six men who were charged with the rape and murder.

Kashmir has always been a hotbed of religious and ethnic violence due to the demographics of the region, and religious animosity has existed between Hindus and Muslims in Kashmir since the days of partition.

Featured Image Credits: Reuters





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