British Involved In Coordinated Air Strikes In Syria

Gio Sax-

Theresa May announced last night that she ordered ‘co-ordinated and targeted strikes’ to ‘degrade the Syrian regime’s chemical weapons ability’. The UK joins the US and France in joint action against the Assad regime due to accusations that he authorised chemical attacks against civilians in Douma on April 8th.

Pre-empting criticism, May has assured those concerned that this was ‘no regime change’ and their action was ‘not linked to the civil war’. She also cited the Russia veto over the investigation in Syria as a contributing factor for ‘the use of force’, claiming diplomatic channels had been ‘exhausted’.

Russia and key ally Iran have warned that their ‘will be consequences’ to such actions. They also claim that 71 out of 103 missiles were successfully intercepted and shot down by Syrian air defence units.


Featured Image Credits: Reuters


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