Macron Pushes For Closer EU Integration, Denounces Nationalism

The French president, Emmanuel Macron, has embarked on a campaign to muster up support at the grassroots level for the European Union. He has set out his main goal of calling for unity among the 28 nations of the Union against the rising tide of nationalist and eurosceptic sentiments in the region.

Macron, who has always been a vocal supporter of stronger ties among the EU nations, is hopeful that he can reconnect the European populace with the project that many think is too autocratic and undemocratic. The 40-Year-Old French leader made a strong call to action for the Union to work on creating  “a new European sovereignty” to combat the rising nationalistic politics.

Speaking to the European Parliament for the first time since his election a year ago, Macron said:

We are in a context where a kind of European civil war is emerging, in which our differences and national egos sometimes seem more important than what unites us,

As a part of his new movement, Macron has embarked on an intercontinental consultation tour where he plans to discuss the future of the European Union with European citizens and various heads of state. Macron also plans to visit the countryside in France, where he intends on going face to face with local residents, answering their questions and selling his Pro-EU stance across not only France but all other member states.

Macron has been a vocal supporter of revising the European Union into an entity that works for all nations. He has already made many proposals, chief among which is the strengthening of the Eurozone, which will require the member states to share more resources, and a strengthening of EU policies on defence, corporate tax, border protection, and asylum.

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One thought on “Macron Pushes For Closer EU Integration, Denounces Nationalism

  • April 18, 2018 at 5:45 am

    The EU needs integration because nationalism would allow Russia (because of Europe’s dependency on Russia’s energy resources) to divide and conquer Europe. The “elites” have a tough fight ahead because Russia is probably doing all it can to fuel division in the EU. Nationalism could wind up being quite harmful to European living standards.


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