Canadian Man Lynched In Peru After Indigenous Murder Accusation

A Canadian scholar visiting Northwestern Peru has been lynched to death by a mob after being accused of killing an indigenous ‘shaman’.

Sebastian Woodroffe, 41, was taken by a local mob after being blamed for the death of an elderly ‘healer’ from the Shipibo-Konibo tribe. Woodroffe, who hailed from Courtenay, British Columbia, was in Peru studying hallucinogenic medicine.

According to the local police, Woodroffe was dragged by his neck before being lynched by the group. The locals accused him after they found Olivia Arevalo’s body with two gunshot wounds near her home in Victoria Gracia, in the Amazon region of Ucayali.

A video surfaced on social media on Saturday which appears to show Woodroffe being dragged in the forest whilst surrounded by local men, women, and children. The police began an investigation after the video appeared, leading to the Ucayali’s attorney general’s office confirming to Reuters that Woodroffe’s body had been found that same day Saturday.

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