MSNBC Host Reid Apologizes For Uncovered Homophobic Remarks

MSNBC news anchor and host of Joy AM, Joy-Ann Reid has apologized after her old homophobic blog posts were exposed to the public this week.

Joy-Ann Reid has come under major scrutiny from her followers and other groups in recent weeks after a host of old blog posts, allegedly written by Joy, surfaced on the internet. The blog posts carried homophobic remarks which looked to have been penned by Joy. Ever since the discovery, Joy has claimed that the controversial blog posts were not penned by her, and were instead the work of hackers, but her claims were unsubstantiated and made increasingly unlikely after many experts confirmed that the blog posts were in fact original.

However, with no hard evidence for Joy’s Hacking claims, she has apologized to her viewers.

On her Saturday show, Joy said:

I genuinely believe I did not write those hateful things because they are completely alien to me. But I can definitely understand based on things I have tweeted and have written in the past why some people don’t believe me,

The reality is, they have not been able to prove it,” she said of consultants working with her.  “I cannot take any of that back. I can only say that the person I am now is not the person I was then. I like to think that I’ve gotten better over time, that I’m still growing,” she said during the program.

These comments struck a very different tone from Joy’s earlier remarks, where she confidently claimed that the blog posts were not her work but instead the work of hackers.

This week, Joy even hired the services of cybersecurity experts to try to prove that this was the work of hackers, but they have been unable to come up with proof.

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