Japan’s Child Population Hits Record Low

According to data published by Japan’s Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry, the number of children in the East Asian country has dropped for the 37th consecutive year. This is the latest sign in a trend that shows a decline in Japan’s population.

The new data states that the country has 15.53 million children under the age of 14-years-old, a 170,000 decline compared to last year’s data. This adds to a continuing trend of a decreasing juvenile population that has been ongoing since 1981. According to many sociologists, the ever-changing culture and lifestyle in Japan is one the main reasons for this decrease.

While most of the country has seen a net loss in the number of children, Tokyo’s population of children has actually increased compared to last year, suggesting that at least part of the country is free from this problem.

A report in the Japanese Times says that the national government is currently aiming to boost the fertility rate for the nation. The target set is to increase the number of children each woman has to 1.8 by the end of 2025, compared to 1.45 in 2015, by providing incentives for young couples to have children.

Population decline in Japan has been a major demographic issue in the country, with the current government looking to provide higher incentives in the future to increase the nations declining population.


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