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Hostage Family Freed By Pakistan Army On Their Way Back To Canada.

Jalil Javed

Joshua Boyle, a hostage recently freed from his captors by the Pakistan military, has boarded a flight in Islamabad along with his wife, Caitlan Coleman, and their three children, in order to finally return home.

Five years ago, Joshua Boyle, a Canadian, and Caitlin Coleman, an American, had been travelling in a mountainous area near Kabul, when they were kidnapped by an Afghan-based terrorist group, known as the Haqqani Network, who are affiliated with the Taliban. Haqqani are currently battling NATO, Pakistan, and Afghanistan for control of the region, with the ultimate goal of creating a strictly Sharia-following state. Haqqani formed after the Soviet troops left Afghanistan, and are now physically pushing for the de-Westernisation of Afghanistan, as well the removal of all NATO troops, a force that mostly consists of American soldiers.

For the following five years after their capture during a backpacking trip, the couple lived imprisoned. The couple bore three children during their five years of captivity.

They were last heard of ten months ago when they appeared in a video, pleading for negotiations to commence. According to Coleman in the video, their conditions were a “Kafkaesque nightmare”.

They were freed on Tuesday by the Pakistan Military in a mission based on intelligence from their US allies.

Featured Image Credits: AP

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