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Iraq Capture Territories Held By Kurdish Forces

Jalil Javed

In a statement made by the Iraqi Military and the Iraqi Peshmergas, a spokesperson said that the country’s forces had taken the ‘K-1’ military base, the Baba Gurgur oil and gas field, as well as a state-owned oil company’s offices., though Kurdish officials deny these claims.


The areas taken by the Iraqi Military are located just outside of the Kurdish-controlled city of Kirkuk. There was no major fighting reported, however; a number of minor skirmishes reportedly did take place during the operation.

This comes a month after the very controversial Kurdish Independence Referendum; a vote that has not yet been accepted by Iraq, Syria, or any other regional or western powers. The Iraqi Prime Minister called the vote unconstitutional, and that the reclamation of these areas of interest by the Iraqi military was important to “protect the unity of the country, which was in danger of partition”.

The events are currently ongoing, with Iraqi troops now looking to fully seize the city.

Updates will follow.

Featured Image Credits: Reuters
Map Source: BBC



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