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FBI Studied The Sex Life Of Martin Luther King Jr.

Jalil Javed

Released alongside the ‘JFK’ files on Friday, was an FBI analysis on Martin Luther King Jr, the prominent civil rights movement leader in America. The report is from March 1968 and was compiled a month before his assassination. The report analyses both the political and personal life of the prominent figure.

“The course King chooses to follow at this critical time could have a momentous impact on the future of race relations in the United States, and for that reason, this paper has been prepared,” the FBI file reads.

The file affiliated King with communism, stating that he followed a Marxist-Leninist Ideal, while also claiming that at least eight of his staff members were communists. The report also looked at King’s personal life, citing various personal experiences. One note claims that in January 1964, King “engaged in another, two days, drunken sexy orgy” in Washington DC.

“Throughout the ensuing years and until this date King has continued to carry on his sexual aberrations secretly while holding himself out to public view as a moral leader of religious conviction,” the report added.

A total of 678 previously classified files have become public all linked to MLK and/or other Civil Rights figures with a high emphasis on there link to communism.


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1 comment on “FBI Studied The Sex Life Of Martin Luther King Jr.

  1. When I was a young man in my 20s these people investigated me an concluded that I was a schlepp, a simple fruit cake unworthy of having an incomplete sentence alongside my name, all this because my essential interests then was self improvement by attending university studies and not leading the life of a pervert.


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