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Company Wins $30 Million Puerto Rico Aid Contracts, Fails To Provide Any Relief Work

Henry Kincaid-

Bronze Star LLC, a newly-created Florida-based company, won over $30 million in federal contracts to provide Puerto Rico with plastic sheeting and tarpaulins for emergency use after the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, but provided none of the aid they had promised.

The story comes from an Associated Press report, in which AP claims that the Federal Emergency Management Agency terminated their contracts with Bronze Star in November.

None of the money from the FEMA contracts reached Bronze Star, and now the agency is searching for new contractors to re-start aid efforts for the heavily-damaged island.

According to the AP report, roughly four weeks passed between Bronze Star being gifted the contracts, and FEMA pulling the plug on their relationship, reportedly “tying up millions in disaster relief funds.”

Bronze Star has never previously delivered tarpaulins or plastic sheeting, nor have they ever had, or been involved in, contracts from the US government. The company had only been founded in August of this year.

Puerto Rico is still in a state of huge disrepair, with thousands homeless, the majority of which still requiring direct help from the federal government.

Featured Image Credits: AP

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