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Hindu Extremist Kills Man On Video To Promote Anti-Islam Fundraiser

An Indian man, of a Hindu background, killed a local Muslim man, and posted the video online in an effort to raise awareness for his campaign to raise money against muslims in this area.

Shambu Lal Regar posted the video of him committing the murder online, along with details for his bank account in an effort to get people to donate to his campaign, whose main purpose is to finance a national anti-muslim, anti-Islamic movement.

This information comes from police officer Anand Shrivastava in an interview with Reuters.

The campaign garnered a lot of attention, with more than 700 people from across India donating a combined 300,000 rupees ($4,665) into the bank account after the video went viral on social media.

“The accused wanted to become a Hindu hero after killing a Muslim man, his main aim was to collect money after committing the hate crime,” Officer Shrivastava said.

During the video, Regar claimed to be a “proud Hindu hero” trying to stop “Love Jihad”, a term used by some Indians to describe Muslim men who ‘target’ young non-Muslim girls in order to convert them by feigning love. The term, while the origin is unknown, is commonly attributed to having come from ultra-conservative Hindu circles, most notably Hindu extremist groups.

Extremist Hinduism is gaining popularity in India, with Hindutva, Hindu nationalism, being endorsed by a number of members of the Indian ruling party.

Featured Image Credits: Reuters

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