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British Man Jailed Over Whatsapp Message In Dubai.

Yaseen Killick, a 29-year-old estate agent from Kingston, was jailed in Dubai after sending a “controversial” WhatsApp message to his car salesman.

Killick bought a second hand Volkswagen Golf for £6000, only to have it break down a few hours after the purchase. After finding out that the car had been recently written off, he sent an angry WhatsApp message to the salesman, Saying: “How do you sleep at night knowing you’re ripping people off?” 

Killick also threatened to sue the salesman over what he considered to be a morally wrong deal.

This led to Killick being arrested at the Dubai Airport. Killick then spent three weeks in jail including his Christmas holidays. He was also issued a £1000 fine.

After his release, Killick slammed the British Embassy in the UAE as being “Useless“.

His Partner spoke out about there ordeal, Saying:

“We have lost our home and our jobs and it’s been horrible all over this guy ripping us off and we are so badly out of pocket,” she said. “We went there to try as the last adventure before coming back to England and getting married and starting a family.”

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